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I am a Certified Life Coach through the Tony Gaskins Academy as well as the author of "Hey Girl, I See...and I'm Rooting for You!" Not only am I the one who is always rooting "you" on;  I am extremely passionate about helping others in their walks of life. Growing up, I've dealt with my share of trauma (physical & emotional), and quite often at times, I did not think that I would ever see the light at the end of the tunnel in most situations. However, I did and you can too! I made the ultimate decision to take all of that pain/hurt and put it into my purpose. I chose to walk in my purpose and reach/help as many people as I can to get "unstuck" from a situation where they can't "see that light" just yet and to offer hope.

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Hey Girl, I See You...

and I'm Rooting For You

A book on empowering women while identifying the common issues that women face in society, simply because they are women. This book is for uplifting women in their spirits and minds. It's a book that calls for all classes of society to celebrate the innate virtues of women and to invalidate the mere perception that women are of lesser value. It's time to build each other up' come together for such a time as this; UNITE and be an even stronger force to be reckoned with! Turn to your sister and say "I Root For You Girl!" We are so much stronger, together!!

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Hey Girl, I See You...


It all about Women's Empowerment here!!! 

Hey Girl, I See You..., is a podcast where we will talk about all relevant content to empower all women in every aspect of their lives. Topics ranging from self-love/self-worth, one's spiritual walk, your ability to determine your own choices, supporting other women, just to name a few. So, come on and join me on this journey as we discuss the many topics where women have the right to influence social change for themselves as well as others. In doing so, this will help us to become the woman we've always wanted.

Join me every Thursday starting in June for your for you dose of “Hey Girl, I See You...”

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